(READY STOCK) Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Cotton Apron Shawl Cloth Blanket
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Nursing Cover With Pouch Bag For Easy Carry

Product Details :
Size : 65CM x 94CM
Material Breathable Cotton
Non-toxic material
Soft and comfortable
Easy to carry and wash
Adjustable neckline
Breathable cotton

Features :
Comfortable and safety It is lightweight and soft
Multifunctional Can be use as nursing cover. blanket or a sunshade to protect baby skin
Anti-lift up Prevent the baby from lifting it up

Product Description :
This product is made with breathable cotton and non-toxic material. It is come with
adjustable strap so that user can adjust according to their need to make sure it is comfortable. The
neckline also make sure mommy can view their baby while ursing. This product can be fold and
wash easily so that mummy can bring it to anywhere they like. It can be used as a nursing cover, a
blanket, or even a sunshade to protect baby fragile skin from harmful UV rays.

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